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How You Can Maintain A Healthy And Effective Grease Trap



Having a good grease trap serves to save a business a lot of money while having an unhealthy one, on the other hand, may dearly cost a business. There is need therefore for a company to ensure that they maintain a healthy grease trap to ensure the effectiveness of the water systems. In any home, there is need to ensure that there is an interceptor that is installed to help protect the water supplies and the waters that surround them. Different types of interceptors are available, but there is the need for every residential kitchen or even commercial to consider having one in place. Local governments also insist on the installation of the interceptors in every kitchen to avoid the havoc that is caused by Fats, oils, and grease in their water systems. The governments have also specified the allowed amount of FOGs that can leave an establishment, and anyone exceeding the specified limits usually attracts a penalty from the authorities. To avoid any infringement of these rules, there are different sizes of interceptors that have been developed where one can install them outside, or they can also place them in the kitchen under the sink.


There are more different ways that one can use to ensure that their grease trap remains highly effective. Before starting the process of washing dishes, one needs to ensure that solids such seeds, skins and stems do not go down the drain and as it can lead to blockage. After service, there is the need for one to scrape the plates and the pots to remove all the accumulated food.


One should scrap the remains into the trash since allowing them down the drain may damage the pipes as well as the water systems including the traps. One also needs to have a screen on the sink that contains holes which help trap most solids as the large solid particles should be disposed to the trash but not to the traps. For more details about garbage disposal, visit http://edition.cnn.com/2012/04/26/us/la-trash-puente-landfill/index.html.


To ensure that the grease traps are effective one also needs to bacteria additives to their drain system where the additives will effectively digest all the grease held in the traps as well as the drains. After one has washed their utensils, they also need to run hot water down the drains for five minutes to flush the system. One also needs to set a proper schedule for check-ups, pump-outs, and line jetting which should be done by professionals here.